Pure Water Technology Sydney

What Is Pure Water?

Your probably wondering how pure water can clean your windows or solar panels? Let us explain.

Normal tap water contains a thing called “dissolved solids” – in other words it’s not completely pure. So if you had a nice clean window and than decided to pour normal tap water over it and just left it to dry, you would end up seeing little water marks all over the window. The water evaporates off the window but the “dissolved solids” don’t. So these little water marks you see are the “dissolved solids” in the water that have been left on the glass, things like calcium, magnesium, fluoride, chlorine etc.

If you can remove all the impurities from the water your then left with 100% pure water, it’s this pure water we use on the windows and solar panels to clean them.

How Does Cleaning with Pure Water Technology Work?

First we connect a hose into the normal tap water supply and pass the tap water through a 2 part filtration system. The filters will remove all the solids from the water leaving it pure. We check this with our own TDS meter to ensure it’s 100% pure before using.

Next we connect another hose into the outlet of the filter and run that up through our telescopic pole. On the end of the pole is a soft bristled brush.

We then wash the window with the pure water and the brush. The brush and pure water act together to agitate and soften the dirt on the windows, effectively pulling the dirt off the glass.

Finally we rinse the glass with more pure water leaving it to dry completely streak and spot free!

There are a number of advantages using a pure water window cleaning system. We can reach up to high or difficult windows that would have usually been left out or too risky to clean. It’s a lot safer as our feet are firmly on the ground operating the telescopic pole. It’s also faster as we don’t have to keep shifting a ladder around the property and climbing up and down it, we also don’t need to use a squeegee saving time as well. It makes cleaning really large or tiny panes of glass a breeze.

It definitely has revolutionised the window cleaning industry. We now use this technology for our high rise window cleaning, our solar panel cleaning and our general window cleaning service in Sydney.