Need Help with Window Cleaning Services in Sydney?

A common expression we hear from our customers after we’ve just cleaned the windows is “I didn’t realise how dirty they were!”

It doesn’t take long for the windows to get dirty from the pollution in the air. Considering that your windows are a huge investment, it pays to get a professional in to keep them looking crystal clean.

Clean windows make such a difference. They allow more light to flow through the house, they can lift your mood – especially through winter and regular cleaning prevents a build up of mould and dust which can be damaging to the window frames, window ledges and to your health.

There are now two common ways in the industry to clean windows on most residential, commercial and strata managed properties and our professional windows cleaners use both these methods, depending on the task at hand:

  • The traditional way with a mop and squeegee
  • Or a modern way using pure water technology

On most easy to access windows we use the traditional method of applying soapy water to the glass and then using a squeegee to remove the water leaving the glass crystal clear. We then wipe down the edges and the ledge, and if you have any flyscreens on the window we give that a dust down as well.

We also uses the modern pure water window cleaning technology on many windows, especially ones that are high or difficult to reach. We have invested in this technology to meet OH&S standards and to increase efficiency.

Click on our pure water page to find out how and why we use pure water technology to clean the windows.

So whether you need a commercial window cleaning service in Sydney, high rise window cleaning, clean windows for a rent inspection, sparkling clean windows to help sell your home or you’re just tired of not being able to see outside clearly to enjoy the view or watch the kids play in the backyard, well Fresh Window Cleaners are here to help.

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