Solar Panel Cleaning Sydney

Why Clean Your Solar Panels?

The dirt on your Solar Panels prevents the panels from working at maximum efficiency effectively blocking out the sun from reaching the solar cells. If they’re not cleaned properly they won’t work at their peak performance.

Isn’t The Rain A Natural Solar Panel Cleaner?

The rain will have some effect on cleaning the panels, but have you noticed how the rain doesn’t clean your car properly? Well the same is true for your solar panels. Our team of professionals specialise in Solar Panel Cleaning Sydney and will get those dirty solar panels clean again so you can get a return on your investment.

Although your solar panels are located on your roof to optimise their performance, in many instances we can access the solar panels from ground level by using a telescopic extension pole and a soft brush in conjunction with our pure water cleaning system. The pure water is an innovative system that removes the dirt, rinses the panel and dries spotlessly clear. To see the background on pure water and how it works, click here.

However some solar panels can not be accessible from the ground, if this is the case you find yourself in, don’t worry because we can easily access the roof to clean them. Either way, if you want your solar panels cleaned, that’s exactly what we are here to do! Once we’re finished with them they will be spotlessly clear.

If you like, we can also inspect your gutters and roof for free, providing you confidence in your roof and gutter situation, or recommend they be cleaned or repaired, depending on what our experienced staff find in their inspection.